Why is Being healthy important?

Posted on 2020-11-21 09:05:12

Staying Healthy

A healthy lifestyle does not only boost your physical health but also your mental health. Being healthy means doing the right thing by taking care of your body. It will prevent many drastic diseases and illnesses such as aches, stress, diabetes, heart problems and indigestion, etc.

Why is staying healthy important?

Unhealthiness gives rise to mental illness because it disturbs the normal workings of life and in a result causes stress. Stress is the main cause of depression. It makes your life miserable enough to give you financial trouble, making it hard to earn. The only way out is through committing to a healthy lifestyle, where you make your health a first priority.


There are three types of benefits, you can get by staying healthy. One is physical health and the other one is mental health and emotional benefit

Physical Health


We aren’t promising that you’ll live forever but you’ll live better and be fit. No one wants to live up to 105 and be bedridden at that age. Everyone wants to live their life fully and potentially without any horrible disease. There is a study published in the Public Library of Science Medicine, which states that people who live healthy like doing regular exercise, eat healthily, and have good hygiene, tend to add 14 years to their life expectancy. It means you will be there for every major milestone of your children — birthday parties, Halloween, graduations, engagements, weddings and births of your grandchildren.

Avoid Major Diseases

A healthy lifestyle means lowering the risks of any developing of diseases. A solid way of living where you exercise daily and keep a healthy diet, helps you reduce hypertension (stress), cholesterol level and the risk of diabetes. It keeps you in shape and your wallet happy.


If you don’t have energy, you can’t do any work resulting in financial troubles, stress, fatigue and zero relationships. By eating good food and doing proper exercise, you can boost your energy level. Exercise releases endorphins which makes you happy and a healthy diet improves your immune system's function. Many men and women want to shed their pounds through different diets leading to many problems like hormonal imbalance, bone density reduction, damaging body composition and lower energy levels. So, it’s mandatory that you consult with your doctor or nutritionist when making changes in your diet.


A healthy lifestyle can change your outer looks drastically. By exercising regularly you can build muscles which you didn't know existed. Eating healthy can improve the appearance of your skin, nails and hair. Also both of them can give you a healthy glow


These days, many people complain about insomnia. It is often, due to poor health, inadequate nutrition and not doing proper exercise. It is proven scientifically that people who do 30 minutes exercise daily, sleep better than those who don’t exercise.

Mental health

A healthy body comprises a sound mind. Maintaining mental health is very important because your body can’t fully function with an unstable mind.


Depression is the main cause of suicides, bipolar disease and memory reduction etc. It is mainly due to sadness and stress. A scientific study states that healthy and careful eating practices reduce stress in people's lives. Gentle physical exercises, such as strolling, yoga and tai chi can help improve the endorphins level resulting in reduction of hypertension. Work out invigorates brain chemicals like endorphins and adrenaline that make individuals cheerful but it should be for a short time because anything excessive is not good for your


Study shows that a good and healthy lifestyle can sharpen judgmental abilities, learning and thinking level. A healthy lifestyle helps you learn things fast and understand circumstances better whereas a bad health can cause dull understanding and short attention span. There is a popular saying “ All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” so if you want to do good in exams or life, you should be active. Physical exercises like aerobics are specifically, very good for the human brain, it increases the intake of oxygen in the brain resulting in reduction of memory loss and boosting the productivity of motor skills.


Staying healthy can make you stay focused. It reinforces making good decisions which impact your life. Addiction of any kind is bad whether it is drug addiction, alcohol, smoking or gambling. When you work out and do something productive, you feel good about yourself. In general, you want what is good for yourself and it gives you the motivation to put an end to any addiction. In fact if you fend off any negative thoughts and be more productive, you can beat your addictions effectively.


When everything is going bad and you have no power to stop it, then you develop a bad attitude towards that particular situation. A positive reinforcement can help you keep the right attitude. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can make you acknowledge your achievements, and also makes you see things in a positive perspective. You should always seek a healthier environment, it is a key factor of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Maintaining a proper diet plan and regulating exercise can give your self-esteem a boost. It makes you feel accomplished and empowered. When you are of sound mind and health, you automatically feel confident. The saying “You are what you eat” is proven right in this situation. Scientific study shows that if you maintain a good diet, it will have a good effect on your body. Also reduces excessive anxiety and stress from your body. Routinely exercise can make your body healthy and give you a healthy glow.

The bottom line is staying healthy has many benefits. A healthy lifestyle where you worry less, eat well, make your body number 1 priority, be more physically fit, and challenging yourself can make your life easy and worth living. Knowing that you can accomplish your objectives is the perfect way to a healthy lifestyle because you are giving yourself a chance and are willing to invest in yourself.

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