What are 3 positive health habits?

Posted on 2020-11-23 00:47:23

Health is wealth! Growing up, we all might have heard this proverb. Most people still do not consider the crucial meaning of this proverb. Generally, people assume that being free of any disease is a sign of good health. It is not what good health means. Good health is a person’s healthy lifestyle in terms of both physical and mental fitness and healthy activities. For example, if a person is eating junk food regularly, yet he does not have any physical ailment, it does not make him fit. This activity might not be affecting him apparently, but definitely, it is creating long-term consequences on his mental and physical well-being. A person’s overall physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being is his health. And one’s health is its precious wealth. Those who are living an unhealthy lifestyle are not living; they are just surviving. And their cravings for junk food naturally mean they are no more healthy people. Poor health and low mental ability dangerously affect every aspect of life. Our personalities remain no more charming, and our creative ability disappears, leaving us with zero inspiration and ideas. Life becomes tedious and would no longer be fun. To actually live and not merely survive, what we all need is a healthier lifestyle. For this, we do not need a list of precautions to follow, but a few simple and positive habits. Such habits can bring us back to our natural energy and enthusiasm for life. By adopting positive and healthy habits, we can live an impactful lifestyle.

Before we proceed, we must develop an understanding of healthy habits. We do not decide most of the actions we perform every day. These are habits. Habits elaborate on the way we live and the outcome of this lifestyle. According to the Medical concept, a positive habit is

Positive habits are the basis of our success. That’s why having healthy and positive habits are crucial. Without a healthy lifestyle, life lacks happiness, peace, and success.

Extensive researches have explored the most healthy and positive habits to lead a successful life. There is a vast list of positive habits that are proposed by different researchers. We cannot adopt all of those. Following are the three main positive health habits that are common in every research.

  • Balanced Diet
  • Consistency
  • Cleanliness

Eating less and simple food is the biggest secret for a healthy and peaceful life. This concept is widely accepted all over the world. Behind every successful person, there is a healthy lifestyle, and healthy eating habits are one of them. Raw fruits and veggies are a good source of essential vitamins, minerals, and all other useful nutrients necessary for our bodies. They not only keep our bodies energized but clean. Fruits and veggies fall into the category of simple and raw food. Eating fresh food is another healthy eating habit. We must try to consume as much fresh food as possible that is directly served from the kitchen to our plates without any preservation. Dry fruits, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are a perfect combination of a balanced diet. Our ancestors lived comparatively long and healthy lives. They used to perform intense physical work in the fields and other activities. The reason for their healthier life is the simple and fresh food they would consume. There was no concept of refrigerators in their time. They would eat fresh food that was served directly from the kitchen to their plates. They would consume more fruits, veggies, and natural dairy products. In the modern era, we can see actors and actresses follow the same method to make their bodies beautiful and minds more efficient. Not only actors but every successful person from any field also has healthy eating habits. With a balanced amount of food, we must drink clean water. We must consume 10-12 glasses per day for a healthy body. Eating less simple, fresh food and drinking more water is good enough to make us healthy and energized throughout life. The doctors recommend One Time Meal (OTM). Taking only one meal per day can do wonders to our bodies. We can also relate this concept with the fasting rules of Muslims in Ramadan. We must be aware of the fact that whatever we eat or drink has a direct effect on mental abilities as well. For example, researches have shown that students who eat healthy food are more efficient in their studies and are more likely to succeed. Students who fall prey to the unhealthy habit of consuming junk food have a low IQ level. From this example, we can clearly understand the importance of a balanced diet.

When it comes to a healthier lifestyle, consistency and commitment do matter a lot. Whether it is an eating habit or any other activity, punctuality is the key to the sustainability of health and success. To perform a task at one time is easy but to stick to it to develop a routine is a bit difficult. It is where the game begins. For example, if we eat an egg one day, it does not mean we have become healthy. We have to consume eggs daily to gain health benefits. Likely, performing exercises regularly for physical fitness is a positive habit to maintain health. One must perform some physical activities every day for a long term healthy life. Consistency is not about physical activities but mental goals as well. We must set short deadlines for our plans and work on them consistently to head towards our success step by step. It makes us confident and ultimately mentally sound.

Living in a clean atmosphere, having a bath, cutting nails, and brushing teeth on time gives a deep sense of relaxation. We must follow hygienic measures. Not only physically, but we must also keep our minds clean. Keeping a check of our thoughts is very important. Thinking positive and avoiding negativity is a sign of great intellect. A peaceful mindset is possible to maintain if we take care of our diet, physical fitness, and proper sleeping time. That's why the term "a sound mind is in a sound body" is a fact.

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