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Fashion itself signifies that way of living. This industry has made a huge impact on people over time. Fashion is not just a word the way of expression of someone's thought, ideas, culture, lifestyle and many more thing that varies from places to countries to subcontinents. This is the only industry which has brought about a huge revolution to the minds of the people since the civilizations have been started.

Today the world is drastically growing in each possible way after the period of globalisation. The global is been developing in terms of fashion technology for centuries. This has brought about a seriousness about fashion amongst the people.

Fashion varies from places. With each of its appearance, it more describes the places and the culture in depth. Especially speaking in terms of women they are more prone to this industry and have detailed knowledge regarding the same. Womanhood is more concern to their appearance thus fashion becomes an essential factor concerning their elegant looks.

The floral and gradient pattern

Now a day, the new concept of floral pattern and gradient has given a new way to the represent the fabric is seen widely. The floral design is mainly derived from Roman and Greek era which were focused on flowers from their beginning which included the floral garland and hair bands which were made up of flower pattern mainly. This type of pattern brought up into the print on fabric during the industrial revolution and is also liked to wear by the people in the common era as well. The flowers mainly represented hyacinths, honeysuckle, roses, lilies, tulips and many more verities having intricate patterns on the fabric itself.

This type of fabric is in great demand for gowns, frocks, skirt, tops, and even Indian sarees as well. Earlier queens also use florals for thee gown and prom dresses. Also woven in many fabric types as such silk, cotton, rayon, and polyester mainly. The textiles have given more direction to the pattern and have given a boost to the various brands a platform to rise and freedom to express the variety.

Most of the cotton fabric today is prone towards this typical pattern which has gradient influence as well. Individuals become more aware and began to develop such thinking concerning the textile and thus pattern came to exist in different parts of the world. This leads to more demand and supplies and brought up the small business at a large platform to form a brand.  

Checks pattern

The chess recalls chess. The chess proves to be the pattern in fashion in tattoo designing. The chess pattern when brought up in colours represents adjacent variation and pattern forming stylish fabric ideal for frocks and dresses to make a different and unique look. An ideal look provided by checks is also subjected to a golden ratio. The fashion brought by checks was brought up with the idea of chess itself. And in today's world chess has been seen a new sense of pattern for an ideal choice. Selecting to wear checks as a shirt or pants has been a formal dress-up since the centauries. Checks are those which coordinate and support with any colour. If you have relevant colour knowledge checks may work a different stylish look to your appearance. All you need not be confused with colours for your elegant outlook. A men's formal shirt to a women's formal skirt is the preferable choice in terms of checks presenting orderly and suitable looks.

Polka dots

The trends of fashion and never-ending trend of polka dots have brought up during the in the beginning of the 19th century brought up the ties, bow, and handkerchiefs which proves to be in today's outfits. Harems and palazzo, I polka dots are seen to be more vibrant and newer looking in the fashion. Textiles are also in this favour of polka dots as it is also seen as a part of kid's fashion. The dots in contrast are made to be more appealing in appearance. Thus, it brought in fashion at a greater extent and made to do in the textile. Today, polka dots dresses are given importance as that for the tops and skirts fabric majorly.

Lines and lines

One of the fun things about putting together outfits is using design lines to create optical illusions. Those illusions can make you look taller, shorter, wider, narrower, and accentuate your face or other characteristics. The line is the most basic element of design. The line can divide areas into shapes and spaces. The line can give direction or a feeling of movement to a design. As a basic tool, the line can be used to create optical illusions in clothing.

Vertical lines lead the eye upward creating the illusion of height to visually slenderize the figure. Horizontal lines usually carry the eye across. Diagonal lines slant, and because of the slant are incredibly slimming and like vertical lines, no matter where you place them on your body will slim that area. Curved lines are graceful.  Outfits of one colour and those with centre front interest can add height. Use of the "Y" line such as a "V" neckline increases the illusion of height. When two or more vertical or horizontal lines are used, the spacing between the lines will affect the illusion created. Generally, vertical lines that carry the eye up the figure without interruption will give a taller, more slender illusion. Lines that stop the eye from travelling upward by moving the eye from side to side or back down will create a shorter and heavier illusion.

Animal print is also used for room decoration, handbags and footwear and even some jewellery. A major difference between animal prints and fur clothing is that animal prints today very often use fake fur instead of an animal coat.

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