Facts about the strangest and most mysterious tribe

The strangest and most mysterious tribe in the world is 'Sama Bajao'. From birth to death, everyday thoughts, and sea-centric.

This nation is known to the world as Baju or Sama Bajao. They are found in some parts of Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines. Those who still adhere to the ancient method of free driving. The people of this community are born in the sea and they also die in this sea. They make their living in this sea.

Although their exact history is not known, the idea is that they have been living a nomadic life in this sea for hundreds of years. History has shown that the people of this nation originally lived in the vicinity of the Sulu Islands in the Philippines and the Mindanao Islands in Indonesia. The government's conflict with the desert rebels there for many years forced the people of this nation to disperse in different directions. Many people of this nation live on the colorful coasts of Malaysia and Indonesia today.

Their main livelihood is fishing by diving under cheese. Most fish of this species can dive and go under 65 feet of water. And you can hold your breath for a few minutes (10-13) effortlessly.

However, many of these nations have a record of going 230 feet below the water by diving. From an early age, the people of this nation started training in diving and fishing. And at the age of only 6, everyone became a professional diver and fish hunter.

These people are usually accustomed to drowning underwater for 5 hours a day. As a result of coming out with water, the human body of this nation adapts to that environment. They have also become accustomed to being under extreme water pressure, and a study has found that the spelling of people in this nation is 50% larger than that of ordinary people, which helps them stay underwater longer.

Underwater people of this nation have more eyesight than ordinary people. Unbelievable but true people of this nation feel more comfortable staying in the water from the flat land. All they have to do is hope to go to a nearby settlement for water, boat building, and fuel, even for a very short time. That is why they spend almost their whole life in water.

Although they live floating in boats, they build houses on poles far away from the shore. But all these houses have nothing but electricity or modern facilities in the house. People of this nation stay away from reading and writing, they also find it unnecessary to know their age or date. But they have a lot of knowledge about the sea or the different animals in the sea. And this knowledge is passed down from generation to generation.

Just as this nation has adapted itself to aquatic life, the sea is their only means of survival.