Consuming Media: The Evolving Technology.

Posted on 2020-11-20 01:43:22

Does it ever occur to you how it was back in the 60s when media was a mere concept, let alone being able to access the political affairs of a country you have probably never been to or enjoying the scenic views of the farthest locations of the planet just by a tap? We all know that the consumption of media is both technology-driven and consumer-driven. Today we are going to have a look over how the evolving technology has created a vast difference in the behavior of consumers of media.

Consumption of media back in the day

If you ever got the chance to have a conversation with your grandparents on what their daily activities were, you probably pondered over the old way of consuming media versus the present-day consumption of media? Considering the fact that there was no television or newspapers in some parts of the world until early 1970s I think we all can mutually agree upon the reality that technology has played a significant role in the availability and development of media content. Keeping in mind some of the major historical events that took place in the early 90s (for e.g.: World War 2) it’s challenging to imagine how the people of the era managed their lives. The main, most joyful sources of media back in the day was radio. However, quite different from the new-fashioned modern sources of media

but the people of that generation would probably still have a fun time reminiscing on how ecstatic they felt when they got a hold of the radio. Although, they didn’t have the freedom of playing songs of their choice, but, it still felt like a pretty big deal to be able to listen to Bollywood or Hollywood songs from other parts of the world. Just as most of our youth runs away from reading, they’d rather listen to podcasts than read, I think it was pretty similar for the youth of that time as well. As the technology progressed televisions became one of the main sources of entertainment by the 1990s. The public consumed most of the news from televisions and they were also believed to be a great source of advertisement. By this time print media was still less of a priority. Nonetheless, some people religiously read the newspaper just as some people like to do so currently.

The modern way of consuming media

It is quite interesting to notice that the demand of consumers for media content always keeps increasing. If we wish to distinguish between the old ways of consuming media versus the modern way we would come to the conclusion that there is a huge gap in terms of the speed of acquiring the content. If we look deeper only than we would note that: alongside technology, consumer preferences and demand have made quite the difference.

It is no secret that the way the public consumes media is evolving very fast. For most of us, unlike the 90s, the television is not our main source for media consumption

anymore. The introduction of digital media in our lives has flipped our lifestyles by 180 degrees. The availability of social media has completely changed the way news is circulated currently. Many news channels broadcast news live on social media on the same with television. In addition to that, digital marketing is one of the most necessary ways of advertising for a company. In fact, in this day and age, in my opinion, if a company does not accept the importance of this essential tool it is in danger of becoming obsolete. Social media is no less than an asset for companies as it offers various opportunities to blow up your business and make your product the next ‘trend’ among the millennials. Besides advertising there is a countless amount of benefits it can offer to entrepreneurs, like developing long term relationships with your clients. This phenomenon of digital marketing is growing at a very fast rate worldwide opening up a ton of opportunities for business owners. The habits of the consumers of media is changing at an unpredictably fast rate and anyone with just a little knowledge of the internet can make tons of different opportunities available for themselves.


After reflecting on media consumption of two entirely different generations I have come to the conclusion that consumption of media is definitely technology-driven and consumer-driven. The sources and availability of media content is very different now versus in the past. However, if someone was to drive some common ground out of it, I think it would be the fact that in both eras the

the demand of media content kept increasing. Nonetheless, in the current time the demand for the type of content and the source of content has changed explicitly.

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